Treasure Hill located along the Xindian river. It is centered on Treasure Hill Temple and surrounded by illegal shanties built mainly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, meander up the natural slope, forming one of Taipei’s unique landmarks. In 2004, Treasure Hill Temple was formally registered as a historical building and preservation effort began as part of community revitalization program. At the end of 2006, the Taipei city initiated renovations of this historic quarter. It currently is engaged in three major programs:

  1. Historical community preservation work.
  2. Artist-in-Residence program.
  3. Treasure Hill Traveler’s Hostel.

Treasure serves as a platform for interaction between artists and local residents, infusing Treasure Hill with fresh vitality.

▲The Treasure Hill Temple

▲Maybe the smallest post office in Taipei

▲Exhibition Room to show the history of Treasure Hill

▲A machine gun bunker. Since Treasure Hill was built by a group of veterans, you can find some military facilities here. It used to be the location of defense and attack for foot soldiers. At the moment, written on the interior walls of the bunker are words: “I won’t break, I won’t die” by artist, signifying the military’s tireless effort to guard their home.

▲Another military facility: Shelter. The shelter was built to protect locals from air strikes. The shelter within Treasure Hill is estimated to have built during the Japanese Colonial Rule. Now the shelter is used for performances and events.

▲Attic: Hostel for travelers.

▲Mailbox Wall: The mailbox wall is a unique scene in Treasure Hill. In early days, the rugged terrain and winding pathways made it difficult for postmen to deliver mails, so the residents placed the mailboxes collectively at the entrance of the village.

Traffic information


Green Line to Gongguan Station(G07) Exit 1. and walk for about 10minutes.

Open Hours:

Tuesdays – Sundays

11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Free Tour:

Locals will guide you to Treasure Hill and tell you the story of this village.

13:00 /16:00 on Saturday and Sunday.