Taipei Metro Guide

Taipei locals love to travel in this busy city by taking Taipei metro (MRT). Why? Because Taipei Metro can take you to literally every spot in Taipei without worrying about parking space and traffic jams. It’s the clean and green way to see the sights.

Starting from 1996, Taipei Metro has become one of the most reliable MRT systems in the world, because trains are so punctual that fewer than 30 delays exceeding five minutes a year. Another attribute of Taipei Metro is clean. Since food and drinks are prohibited on the train, you won’t find any stain or trash on the train. That’s the reason that the customer satisfaction level is as high as 95%.

Taipei Metro (MRT) is combined with 5 lines:

  1. Wenhu Line (Brown Line)
  2. Tamsui-Xinyi Line (Red Line)
  3. Songshan-Xindian Line (Green Line)
  4. Zhonghe-Xinlu Line (Orange Line)
  5. Banna Line (Blue Line)


There are 3 types of tickets available for tourists.

    1. Single trip ticket
      Travelers can buy the single trip ticket at every Taipei Metro station. The transportation fee depends on the distance to the destination. Travelers can check it out on the map above the ticket machine.

      ▲Taipei Metro Ticket Machine
    2. Travel Pass
      There are 3 kinds of travel pass in Taipei: metro pass, fun pass, and unlimited pass. You can check the table below for the details.
      Pass TypeAvailable ItemPriceApplicationWhere to purchase
      Metro PassOne Day Pass
      Multi-day Pass
      (24hr/48hr and 72hr)
      NT$180/ 24hr
      Taipei Metro onlyAvailable at all Metro station information counters
      Fun Pass1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, 5 DayNT$180/1day
      Taipei Metro and busAvailable at all Metro station information counters.
      Unlimited Pass1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day NT$1,200/1day
      Taipei Metro
      Bus service
      Entry tickets for attractions
      Purchase online and pick up at visitor information center.
      Official website:

      ▲Taipei Metro Information Counter
    3. Electronic tickets
      These include EasyCards, iPASSes, iCASH, HappyCash. These electronic tickets can be topped up and are accepted both on public transports and for small payments. EasyCard is the most popular one of these e-tickets. You can purchase one at any convenient store like 7-11 in Taipei.