If you have a couple of hours layover at Taoyuan airport or want to shop for souvenirs before taking your flight, Mitsui outlet park is a great destination for you. Here you can find great food from different countries, cheap outlet merchandise and books as well. You can go shopping or just relax here.

Traffic Guide

If you take airport MRT from Taoyuan airport, it takes about 15 minutes. If you come from Taipei main station, it takes 20 minutes by airport MRT. After departing from A9 station, you have to walk for 7 minutes to Mitsui outlet park.

Walking from A9 station to Mitsui Outlet Park

What’s Special in Mitsui Outlet Park

Mitsui outlet park is the largest outlet in Taipei area. It provides a comfortable shopping space and contains lots of fashion brands, including Armani, Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss etc. 
Floor Guide

The food court in Mitsui outlet park is another spotlight. You can find signature restaurants from everywhere. Including most famous BBQ restaurant “Kampai”, famous Japanese ramen “TonChin” and  “Dian Shui Lou” providing delicious Chinese cuisine and snacks. The food here can definitely tickle your taste buds.

Food Court @ Mitsui Outlet Park
Dian Shui Lou


Mitsui outlet park also provides sweet services to travelers.

  1. The free wifi spot in the park:
    Just search for SSID “MistuiOutletPark_Linkou“, you can access the internet for free!
  2. Special Coupon:
    Show your passport at the information counter, you can get the special coupon in the park.
  3. Tax refund:
    The stores with “Tax Refund” sticker provide tax refund service.
  4. Coin lockers:
    There are the coin lockers at Mistui outlet park. Just lock your luggage there and shopping hand free!
  5. Flight information:
    There are screens showing flight information of Taoyuan airport. So you won’t miss your flight.
Tourist Service
Coin Locker
Flight information

Mitsui outlet park provides delicious food, great shopping experience and sweet services. If you want to spend couple hours during layover, here is your perfect solution!