Michelin Guide just announced the very first list of the restaurants in Taipei. There is a total of 110 restaurants made it into the Red Guide, including 20 restaurants awarded one or more stars and only one restaurant awarded 3 stars!

▲Pork roast

The very first Michelin 3 stars restaurant in Taipei is Le Palais, located on the 17th floor of Palais de Chine hotel, right next to Taipei station. Le Palais serves all the famous Chinese cuisines with hand-picked fresh ingredients and has been awarded by the Culinary Culture Forum across Taiwan and China as one of the top ten restaurants. Le Palais serves the best Cantonese dim sum and Chinese banquet cuisines that are highly appreciated by both domestic and international diners.

The most famous cuisines of Le Palais are the crispy roast duck, crispy pork roast, both are traditional Chinese cuisines. For those visiting the restaurant for the first time, Chef Matt Chen recommended ordering roast meat and dim sum dishes such as cha siu (barbecued pork), har gow (shrimp dumpling), abalone siu mai (dumpling), and cha siu bao (barbecue pork filled bun), which are specialties of both chefs.

▲Crispy roast duck
▲Gōngbǎo qiánkūn dài

If you want to taste the most delicious Chinese cuisine, add this restaurant to your traveling list and make a reservation right now

Quote from Michelin Guide:

Chef Chan moved to Taiwan from Macau nearly 20 years ago and specialises in Cantonese cuisine of the highest quality. The lavishly furnished dining room feels modern and chic, but with nice traditional touches such as ceramic art, calligraphy and paintings. The cooking is truly outstanding, with the Cantonese-style crispy roast duck, the tofu dishes and the baked egg custard tarts especially impressive; consider pre-ordering the roast baby duck. Service is thoughtful and friendly.

Le Palais
17F, Palais de Chine Hotel, 3, Section 1, Chengde Road, Datong, Taipei

+886 2 2181 9985