History of Dihua Street

150 years ago, a river port was established at Dadaocheng Wharf, and Dadaocheng slowly developed as a wholesale distribution center. Dihua Street is the most famous street in Dadaocheng, brimming sellers of Chinese medicines, tea, rice, and fabrics. The old buildings of that era have been preserved and given new energy with cultural-creative shops. Walking on Dihua Street is like traveling back to mid 19th century Taiwan. If you are interested in the history of Taipei, Dihua Street is the can’t-miss spot!


Dihua Street is a long street, and the most visited section is between Minsheng West Road and Nanjing West Road as circled above. The visitors can go to Shauanglian station (R12) by Taipei Metro first and get to Dihua Street by foot, bike or Taxi.

The Buildings

Walking on Dihua Street, you will find the mixed styles of old-fashion buildings, including Chinese Fujian style and mock Baroque style architecture. The mixed styles of the buildings are the reflection of Taiwan’s history, a Chinese territory has been occupied by the Netherlands and Japanese in the past two centuries. 

The Alleys

Alley of Dihua Street
Alley of Dihua Street

There are many surprises hidden in the aisles of Dihua Street. You can find coffee shops, tea houses, and many interesting shops hiding there.

What to Do?

The first thing you should do after arriving at Dihua Street is to find the visitor center. You can not only see all the information there but also experience the traditional costume free! You can borrow the customs of the 1920’s and have a photo taken as a souvenir. 

dihua street visitor center
The Bear is the mascot of Dihua Street Visitor Center
Traditional Custom Experience
Experience the traditional costume

You can visit the Chinese herbal medicine pharmacy to buy some herb or have some tea at a tea house. That’s the life of people in Taipei 150 years ago.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmacy
Bottled Tea to drink while walking
Find a tea house or coffee shop 


On Dihua Street, you can find lots of Chinese style souvenirs. These souvenirs are inspired by the history of Dadaocheng. You can’t find the same souvenirs anywhere else.

If you are interested in the history of Taipei, you can’t miss Dadaocheng and Dihua Street. This is the only street preserves the look and feel of the old Taipei. Just come to experience the history!